🎮 How to PLAY [ Shadow Fight 3 ] on PC ▶ DOWNLOAD and INSTALL

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🎮 How to PLAY [ Shadow Fight 3 ] on PC ▶ DOWNLOAD and INSTALL. How to play Shadow Fight 3 on PC Download free ▶ Windows 10/7/8

00:00 Intro
00:22 Go to LDPlayer website
01:00 Download Shadow Fight 3 on your Windows PC
01:17 Launch the installer of Shadow Fight 3
01:32 Customize installation and change the install directory
02:02 Install Shadow Fight 3 on your PC
03:45 How to launch LDPlayer from the Windows desktop
04:15 Sign in on Google Play
05:06 Accept Google Terms of Service
05:14 Create a backup on Google Drive of your emulated device
05:49 Install Shadow Fight 3 on the LDPlayer emulator
06:31 Launch Shadow Fight 3 directly from LDPlayer
06:46 How to adjust the volume of Shadow Fight 3
07:05 How to maximize the emulator screen
07:17 How to play at full screen
07:33 Customize LDPlayer keyboard options
07:52 How to fix Shadow Fight 3 black screen problem in LDPlayer
08:28 How to change the game and emulator language
09:02 Receiving Email of new device connected to your Google account
09:42 Goodbye and greetings

Here are the instructions:

1) Go to the website
2) Click on Download Shadow Fight 3 on PC
3) Run the installer downloaded
4) Accept the Windows permissions to run the installer
5) Click on "Install Now".
6) Login to Google Play
7) If the game installation does not launch automatically, click on the Shadow Fight 3 icon on the LDPlayer desktop
8) Click the "Skip" button in the "Complete Account Setup" window
9) Click on the "Install" button
10) Click on "Open" and enjoy the Shadow Fight 3 on your PC

Legend has it that a hero will come capable of stopping the struggle for shadow energy. He will have to learn three fighting styles, collect the best weapons and challenge the toughest warriors to a duel.
The world is on the brink of war. A powerful force that the Shadow Gate released years ago has been turned into a weapon, and now three military clans are fighting to decide the future of this force.
The warriors of the Legion want to destroy the dangerous energy. The men of the Dynasty want to use it for their own benefit. And the mysterious ninjas of the Herald Clan explore the darkest secrets of the shadow power.
Three clans, three views of the world and three fighting styles. Whose side will you choose?
Shadow Fight 3 is a famous RPG fighting game that continues the history of the Shadow Fight universe with new heroes in 3D. You are waiting not only steep battles with egregious villains, but also a fascinating adventure through a world where mystical forces reign.
Ninja, knight or samurai? You choose what your hero will be. Win unique skins in battles and customize his equipment colors to make him even more unique.

If you want to download Shadow Fight 3 on PC it's very easy. Click on the above link, and follow the video instructions. LDPlayer, the Android emulator, will be installed on your PC so you can play easily on your Computer.

Shadow Fight 3 is a mobile game, but you can download and play it on PC in a few minutes.

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